Thursday, December 25, 2014

A flood & a broken heart

    All praise to Allah, Lord of the Universe.

        Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Raji'un

My big condelence for the victims of floods in the east coast recently.

 It broke my heart when i saw how the sittuation prevailing there. I wish i can be more helpful. The only thing that i can do is a prayer for the victims and donations for them that need.

We as Malaysian must united to help the victims of the flooding. Who ever that has no time constraints can contribute their energy as volunteer. 

Who ever that cant be there as volunteer, You can pray for the victims. 

Or you can donate to the victims as their need food, blankets, clothes and other. 

Help them, and keep on praying for them 

My Condolence,


Monday, December 22, 2014

Because 3 is awkward. Take 5 :3


So, what happen when you got cute and shy girl as your girlfriend?

You got date with her & her sisters (3 of them) Lol 😛😛😛

I'm such a bad ass huh? *ba dum tss*
Naaaaa~ i just lucky,
To know them.

Although i don't have younger siblings and a sister.
On that day, i feels i have one.

We had such much fun.
We laughed likes there are no tomorrow~
Okay, i lied. It was exaggarated 😁😁😁

Thanks for the moment.

With love,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

6ixth month

The story begins like this:

Someone must see me as a pluviophile,
A person who love rain.


Someone must see me as nyctophilia,
A person who love of darkness/night.


Someone will see me as clinomania,
A person who love to stay in bed.


The thing that someone does not know.
The one thing that i really love


There only 2% of world population
That has green eyes.

I really hope
That i'm the only one in your heart

There are times

When i think
I quiting life and become burito.


You came to my life
And give me hope.


I'm still child
I really hope that i become superhero,


I realise
I dont need to be superhero
I just need to be your man.


You ask me, why i'm loving you?
I just cant explain.


Loving you
Is like explaining what the water tastes like.


I fell asleep
While we were chatting.

I feel like,
I'm dishonoring myself.


We seem like
We were always happy.

All that i can say
That i dont understand you
And cant read your mind.


I take the wrong path
How bad it can be?
You still love me.

There comes

When it hard to choice
Whether to follow my heart or my brain
I just simply think of you and follow my instinct.

All this

Is because
I really love you!

For the long post

        Here a picture of fried chicken :p